October 22, 2017 – NEW YORK, New York – DarkPulse Technology Holdings, Inc. (“DarkPulse” or the “Company”) announces that it has entered into an Agency Agreement with a Multi-National Agent/distributor, whereby Agent will act as a sales and distribution partner for DarkPulse’s patented BOTDA system.

DarkPulse offers a full suite of engineering, installation and security management solutions to industry and government. Coupled with their patented technology, DarkPulse provides customers a comprehensive data stream of critical metrics for assessing the health and security of their Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI/KR).

DarkPulse is in the business of manufacturing hardware and developing software solutions utilizing their patented dark-pulse system that offers rapid, accurate measurement and monitoring of critical systems, facilities and towers. DarkPulse breaks the barriers of temperature & strain cross sensitivity, as well as loss of spatial resolution inherent in other potential systems, allowing for applications of this technology into markets not currently served. DarkPulse excels when applied to live, dynamic structural monitoring including, pipeline health, perimeter/security surveillance, real time border tunnel detection, aircraft & ship hull integrity assessment, and mining safety deployments. Their capabilities include central monitoring and security management solutions to a myriad of customers.

DarkPulse is a leader in developing security and perimeter solutions including real- time tunnel detection systems, pipeline heath monitoring, aircraft component monitoring technologies and key infrastructure monitoring, leading to “Smart Cities”.

Mr. Dennis O’Leary, CEO of DarkPulse commented: “This agency agreement opens global markets for DarkPulse’s BOTDA system. We are working closely with our new partner in a phased approach that will bring our technology to their existing customers as a system upgrade - offering us short term revenue.”

About DarkPulse Technology Holdings, Inc.

DarkPulse Technologies is a global technology provider in the business of manufacturing, selling, installing, servicing and monitoring systems, including hardware and software, that detects changes in the structural health of infrastructure. Their security solutions offer 24/7 monitoring of perimeters and detection of tunneling along national borders.

For more information, visit www.DarkPulse.com