January 10, 2018 – NEW YORK, New York – DarkPulse Technologies, Inc. (“DarkPulse” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Dr. Mark Banash will be joining the team to oversee production of its Erebos BOTDA sensing systems. He will be responsible for developing the company’s quality system as well as transitioning new products being created by DarkPulse’s engineering team lead by Dr. Anthony Brown and Dr Bruce Colpitts through to manufacturing.

“Mark has the ability to stand in two worlds,” said Dennis O’Leary, President of DarkPulse Technologies. “He understands the fundamental science and technology and knows how to manufacture devices on them. This sense of process will be highly valuable to DarkPulse as we go to market with our dark-pulse systems. It will also serve us well as we further develop our unique dark field scattering technology to the many different applications customers are already asking us to help them with.”

“I remember Mark when he was an undergraduate in the lab at Penn where I was doing my doctoral work,” said Dr. Thomas Cellucci, who is the Chairman and CEO of Bravatek Solutions, Inc., DarkPulse's JV partner. “When I later served as faculty at Princeton I followed his graduate work as Mark was completing his own doctoral thesis there. Based on the strength of that work and his industrial experience I hired Mark to direct the production of Zyvex’s nanomanipulator systems when I was President of that company.”

About DarkPulse Technology Holdings, Inc.

DarkPulse Technologies is a global technology provider in the business of manufacturing, selling, installing, servicing and monitoring systems, including hardware and software, that detects changes in the structural health of infrastructure. Their security solutions offer 24/7 monitoring of perimeters and detection of tunneling along national borders.

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