April 28, 2018 – NEW YORK, New York – DarkPulse Technologies Inc. (“DPT” or the “Company”) announces that it has signed a detailed, definitive agreement with a previously referred to reputable publicly-traded firm to allow DPT to go public hopefully within a few weeks. Confidentiality provisions in the agreement between the parties prohibit release of the name of the public company by DPT at this time, but it is expected that the public company, a Delaware corporation, will be filing a Form 8-K in the near future regarding entering into the merger agreement with DPT. Now that the merger agreement has been finalized and signed, the Company is executing the final phase of an accelerated path to trading in the public market.

Dennis O’Leary, DarkPulse’s Chairman and co-CEO commented: “I am proud of our management team for working non-stop to make our going public a reality. Their tireless efforts demonstrate—in a real way—both our technical and business prowess.”

About DarkPulse Technologies Inc.

DarkPulse Technologies Inc., a New Brunswick corporation, and its affiliated DarkPulse entities, are a global technology provider in the business of manufacturing, selling, installing, servicing and monitoring systems, including hardware and software that detects changes in the structural health of infrastructure. Their security solutions offer continuous monitoring of perimeters and the detection of tunneling along national borders.

For more information, visit www.DarkPulse.com

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