NEW YORK, July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE -- DarkPulse, Inc. (OTC:KLMK) ("DPT" or the "Company") has received a $24.6 million (US) Binding Letter of Intent from AG Capital Management LLP, a corporation based in Kazakhstan, for DarkPulse to provide Erebus-based products or projects, within the next 18 months in the country of Kazakhstan, AG Capital Management's operational arm will act as sales agent for DarkPulse products and services in Kazakhstan.

The Erebus system uses new and/or existing fiber systems to provide the rapid, accurate measurement and monitoring of temperatures, strains and stresses for applications required by both the private and public sectors. Erebus breaks the barriers of temperature and strain-cross sensitivity, as well as the inherent loss of spatial resolution, allowing for applications of this technology into markets not currently served, such as high-resolution intrusion detection. The system's dynamic response and rapid analysis of temperature and strain change is creating a wide range of new applications in Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources, Defense, and Homeland Security, such as monitoring of structural integrity. Erebus excels at applications involving live, dynamic structural health monitoring including: pipeline monitoring, perimeter and security surveillance, aircraft and ship hull integrity assessment and mining safety.

Thomas A. Cellucci, Co-CEO of DPT and a member of its board, commented: "This is an exciting opportunity that further validates the ingenuity and effectiveness of our third-generation Erebus system, which was developed with assistance from the software team from Bravatek. The dynamic structural health monitoring capabilities of Erebus are groundbreaking, and we are currently in discussions for other Erebus-related projects."

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