When was TIX Corporation's initial public offering?

The company went public in September 1994.

How is TIX Corporation's stock traded?

Tix Corporation trades on the OTCQX under the stock symbol TIXC.

Does the Company have any preferred stock outstanding?


Does the Company pay a dividend?
Does Tix Corporation have a direct stock purchase plan?


How many shares does the Company have outstanding?

As of December 31, 2017, there were 17,342,175 shares outstanding.

When does Tix Corporation's fiscal year end?

December 31.

How many people does Tix Corporation employ?

As of December 31, 2017, the Company employed 110 full and part-time employees.

Who is Tix Corporation's investor relations contact?

Steve Handy, CFO, Tix Corporation
(818) 761-1002

Who is Tix Corporation's stock transfer agent?

(800) 736-3001

Who is Tix Corporation's independent registered public accounting firm?

Weinberg & Company, P.A.

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