ROCHESTER, Mich., Nov. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OptimizeRx Corp. (OTCQB:OPRX), the leading aggregator of pharmaceutical-sponsored services in electronic health record (EHR) platforms, is revolutionizing the point of care experience through a new suite of services that integrates total brand support into the EHR, leading to better patient care and improved outcomes.  

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) use EHRs more than three hours per day, so reaching them through the EHR workflow becomes more important every day. OptimizeRx’s core product has been financial messaging, providing physicians with electronic coupons, co-pay offers and vouchers for their patients at the point of care. These promotional programs have been successful for many brands, yielding returns on investment ranging from 300% to 1,200%. While eCouponing has proven to be one of the most effective digital tactics available, brands can be most successful when integrating a suite of digital offerings designed to make the right brand information and services available in the right place to the right customer at the right time.

Pharmaceutical marketers are challenged more than ever to bring value to the point of care to better align ROI with patient outcomes. A well-crafted EHR strategy helps to bridge that gap. As a strategic partner for pharmaceutical companies, OptimizeRx has built upon its deep experience with Financial Messaging strategies to provide a comprehensive suite of products to enable content to be delivered via key partnerships across the EHR landscape with reach to over 300,000 physicians.

The new offerings include:

  • Brand Messaging
    OptimizeRx has added consultative clinical messaging services to its EHR services, to provide branded awareness banners, reminder ads, clinical messages and unbranded messages. Messages can be targeted by sophisticated business rules and criteria including HCP specialty, NPI, diagnostic codes, lab codes and patient criteria such age and gender.
  • Brand Support
    On the day of a product launch, it is critical for the new product to be available in HCPs’ e-prescribing and EHR systems. However, given that many EHRs are not cloud-based, the process of loading the latest list of products into an EHR can sometimes take weeks, or even months. In these cases, physicians are not able to find the product in their EHR and therefore are unable to ePrescribe it. OptimizeRx has new solutions to support brands at launch.       

OptimizeRx’s new Brand Support services include:

  • New Product Launch | Drug File Integration
    OptimizeRx provides a Drug File Integration (DFI) plan and support team to ensure timely uptake of the product in EHRs at launch and resolution of any issues. Utilizing OptimizeRx’s DFI Issue Resolution pathway, sales representatives can triage issues encountered with their customers in a timely fashion. Throughout the launch period and beyond, the DFI team also provides pharmaceutical marketers regular reports regarding product uptake and usage. 
  • Sales Training and Support
    Many sales forces are not well-versed on a physician’s EHR workflow. As experts in the field, OptimizeRx is now providing training materials and customer collateral to help sales representatives understand the essentials of EHR and eRx platforms to support their sales messages. OptimizeRx training programs are designed to help sales representatives answer questions and provide consultative insight into patient education and support services available in the EHR workflow as well as provide insight on EHR functionality such as adding products to Favorites lists and searching functions.
  • EHR Strategy and Planning
    Pre-launch, at launch, and beyond, a well-crafted EHR strategy is now a must-have for pharmaceutical manufacturers. To accompany its new range of services, the experienced team at OptimizeRx now offers an expanded set of EHR strategies and tactical plans for pharmaceutical clients.  Given the nature of the point of care access through hundreds of EHRs, industry is looking for a leader which is not an individual EHR, eRx or Co-Pay advisory firm, but rather an independent partner able to advise across the entire landscape of opportunities. As the leading aggregator, OptimizeRx is the partner positioned to meet that need.

“Our EHR program can help drive better patient outcomes and a better ROI at any point in the brand lifecycle,” said William Febbo, CEO of OptimizeRx. “Given the fragmented nature of the EHR industry, healthcare marketers are looking for a partners that can lead through this maze of digital brand strategies. OptimizeRx is uniquely positioned to be that partner.”

About OptimizeRx Corp
Based in Rochester, MI, OptimizeRx Corporation (OTCQB:OPRX) is a health technology software company that is revolutionizing the point of care experience through technology to improve clinical decisions and outcomes. OptimizeRx’s unique consumer and physician platforms help patients better afford and comply with their medicines and healthcare products, while offering pharmaceutical and healthcare companies effective ways to expand awareness, access and adherence to their medications.

The company’s core product replaces drug samples with electronic trial vouchers and copay coupon savings that are electronically added to an e-Prescription and sent electronically to the pharmacy and is integrated within leading electronic health record (EHR) platforms in the country, including Allscripts, Quest Diagnostics, Practice Fusion and other EHRs to reach over 300,000 healthcare providers. In turn, OptimizeRx promotes patient savings and support from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Lilly, Novartis, AstraZeneca and many others. For more information, please go to

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