Starting today, Gigg will be hosting four tournament-style competitions to find a percussionist, guitarist, keyboardist, and bass player who will each receive an opportunity of a lifetime. Winners will spend a day in the studio with five music industry legends, guitarist Davey Johnstone, drummer Denny Seiwell, bassist Lee Sklar, keyboardist Steve Porcaro, and percussionist Lenny Castro. To enter the competition, artists must simply upload a video performance on the tournament page by June 27, 2014.

Artists can submit their video during the 2 month “submission period” to secure one of the 64 spots in the Gigg bracket. Qualifying artists will then go head-to-head in a bracket-style tournament and compete to earn votes from the Musinq artists, fans, and a panel of Gigg judges over the course of two weeks. Once voting is complete, a winner will be chosen for each of the four featured instruments on July 11, 2014.

Dedicated to discovering the greatest musicians across the globe, Gigg is known for its unique bracket-style competitions which offer virtually unlimited exposure to aspiring artists and a world of other musical possibilities to its users. Musinq is an innovative website with five working musical heavyweights. allows new and aspiring musicians to utilize the wisdom and expertise of these musical luminaries by asking the artists questions and receiving invaluable advice in return.

One need only glance at the Musinq artists’ resumes to feel a sense of admiration. Davey Johnstone has been Elton John’s guitarist and musical director for more than forty years. Keyboardist and composer Steve Porcaro is a multiple Grammy Award winner and founding member of the rock band Toto. Add long-time Paul McCartney and Wings drummer Denny Seiwell to the mix. Bass megastar Lee Sklar is quite possibly the most recorded bassist in history having worked with everyone from Dolly Parton to Ray Charles. Finally, this group of astounding musicians is rounded out by percussionist Lenny Castro, who has lent his grooves to the Rolling Stones, Adele, as well as many others.

The Musinq artists are excited for the contests to get under way. As Lee Sklar said, “I'm looking forward to seeing all the videos uploaded by bassists from all over the world. There are some incredibly talented artists out there, and the Gigg platform really gives them a chance to be seen by fellas like us! We are also anxious to answer any of their questions using the Musinq question and answer platform!”

“The pairing of Gigg and Musinq is really a match made in heaven,” said Gigg CEO Scott Warner, “both companies offer aspiring musicians unique opportunities. We believe this competition offers an incredible opportunity at the end of the road.” The ability to give back and share their musical wisdom is also appealing to the Musinq legends. As Denny Seiwell noted, “Musinq is all about helping artists become better musicians. We are focused on helping younger musicians to understand the core principles of music, and this partnership gives us the chance to do just that.”

Check out the Gigg competition page for more details, to upload a video, and to watch the videos and vote for your favorites.

About Gigg: Gigg is a revolutionary social platform that provides its users a way to express, promote, and discover music in all forms. Gigg is focused on finding the greatest musicians in the world while allowing fan participation in the discovery process. By leveraging fans’ social networks, Gigg competitions are centrally ingrained into the backbone of social media, providing mainstream artists with a new exposure tool reaching millions of new fans and spreading to millions more. Competition winners are selected by mainstream artists and the user community to receive prizes, opportunities, or a chance to play on stage in front of large audiences at some of the hottest venues with the biggest names in the music industry. Gigg is the only social engine to successfully infuse music into social expression. By selecting lyrics from their favorite songs in the Gigg app, users can add pictures, videos, and hashtags for a live-listening experience that allows you to define your moment with music. Download the Gigg app for free at

About Musinq: Musinq was created to facilitate interaction between professionals who have vast experience in the music industry and have “been there” (and back) with those who want to hear it from them.


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